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IT, Autodromo Nazionale Monza

Alfa Romeo Racing Monza Experience

6-8 Sep 2019

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Alfa Romeo Racing Monza Experience


Meet fellow Alfa Romeo Racing enthusiasts and experience the thrill of driving at the “Temple of Speed”.


Perhaps the most famous and historic of all Italian race tracks, Monza hosted the Grand Prix since the very first year of the official Formula 1® world championship in 1950.


As a highlight on the Alfa Romeo Racing calender, this is your chance to experience this thrilling Grand Prix from the official Alfa Romeo Racing Grandstand at Parabolica 21E.


Your Alfa Romeo Racing Monza Experience includes many exclusive benefits for you to enjoy.


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Alfa Romeo Racing Monza T-shirtAlfa Romeo Racing Monza T-shirt
Alfa Romeo Racing Monza CapAlfa Romeo Racing Monza Cap
Alfa Romeo Racing FlagAlfa Romeo Racing Flag
Alfa Romeo Racing LanyardAlfa Romeo Racing Lanyard
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About the race

Monza. From the old banking to the futuristic podium, the Autodromo in northern Italy embodies the very spirit, tradition and technological advance of motor racing.


One of the oldest purpose-built circuit in the world, the “Magic Track” – as locals call it – has been the stage for the triumphs of some of the most legendary drivers in the history of the sport. Schumacher, Senna, Lauda – they all won there, following in the footsteps of the first winner of a championship-scoring Formula One Italian Grand Prix, Alfa Romeo’s Giuseppe Farina.

Giuseppe Farina, Monza 1951

Alfa Romeo’s connection with the Italian circuit is a visceral one. It’s a bond made of passion, the force that brings the famous tifosi – the fans – out in force. It’s a link steeped in history, between a brand and a place that represent motorsport at its purest and have done so since the early years of the twentieth century.


But neither Monza nor Alfa Romeo are trapped in the past. Both are constantly innovating, reinventing themselves to remain relevant to a changing world while preserving their tradition and heritage. Both are brands with a long and proud past, both are ready to write the next page in their histories.


The Alfa Romeo Racing Monza grandstand will be located at Parabolica 21E of the Autodromo Nazionale Monza. A part of the circuit where the drivers reach a pace above the 300 km/h. After the straight the drivers will reach one of the most famous corners of the world: the Parabolica. A corner where the drivers race through this corner with paces close to 200 km/h. At the Alfa Romeo Racing Monza grandstand you will be guaranteed to feel the speed.

  • 5.793 km

  • 53

  • 372.6 km/h

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