A home race for Antonio during the Italian Grand PrixA home race for Antonio during the Italian Grand Prix

Each Formula One race is an experience in itself, with the unique combination of track, fans and atmosphere creating a stunning moment in each of the rounds of the calendar. One race, however, holds a very special place in the imagination of every driver – their own home Grand Prix.

For Antonio Giovinazzi, the dream to compete in front of a home crowd will become reality on September 8th, when he takes to the grid for the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. The first driver from the “Bel Paese” to be on the grid for a full season since 2011, Antonio is quickly establishing himself as a fan favourite thanks to his talent, friendly personality and openness to fans. As he lines up to compete on home soil, he will be looking forward to the support of thousands of his compatriots, those tifosi whose passion has made them famous.

Antonio has form in Monza. The last time he drove on La Pista Magica, in the 2016 GP2 Series, he claimed a famous win in the feature race and a podium in the sprint race. But it’s not just affinity to the track that defines what gives him an advantage on this circuit. It’s the gut feeling that drives him here, the connection he has with this place.

Growing up as a child in Italy, Monza would have held a special place in young Antonio’s mind. It was where his heroes wrote pages of motorsport history. It would have been THE place to race, the venue in which he’d be there, expressing his talent to his fullest, spurred on by his own people.

This September, Antonio will not only represent the hopes and dreams of a country as the first Italian representative to race on home soil in nearly a decade. He will do so in a car sporting the colours of one of Italy’s most celebrated brands, Alfa Romeo, in front of grandstands full of the team’s supporters.

When the time comes to head out of the grid, Antonio will know. The tifosi will know. And somehow, the place itself will know.


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